LEMO.N – Learning by Moving

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The goal of LEMO.N (learning by moving network) is to build shared interdisciplinary knowledge on body movement and its interaction with various technologies. From a series of workshops performed in collaboration with CRI, it will challenge the limits of the current thinking on gesture design and computer technology for smart objects.This knowledge will be gathered on the form of a website, and possible future resources, that will be useful for CRI researchers and students and to foster future collaborations and events (such as workshops, gamejams, lab-days, hackathons, etc). LEMO.N’s aim is to experiment with various types of human-machine interactions and to design new kinds of gestures for digital apparatus, from smartphones to cloud computing.


While mobile devices now incorporate powerful motion detection capabilities (accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses), a broader spectrum of uses than those proposed and programmed by tech-industries could be imagined, designed and implemented (Dubos et al., 2017).Since the past two years, I have been working on the question of gesture design and augmented gestures in a large networks (CRI / IRCAM / ENSCI-Les Ateliers / IIT Bombay / Maker’s Asylum Bombay).Shared methodologies for designing and sharing gestures are generally lacking, because this requires a transdisciplinary approach. To collect and assemble a database on learning by moving and gesture design will enable new models of thinking, teaching and researching. Hypothesis The anthropology of gesture and the analysis of body techniques provides us with a strong basis for conceiving augmented gestures. But how to generate new kinds of collective knowledge augmented by technology ? And how to generate new gestures, discover new fittings for smart devices ? My research question looks for a way to document research on learning by moving.


The aim of the LEMO.N project is to edit, label and implement resources in order to create an open repository of materials for interdisciplinary research.It will be articulated in 4 phases:1. Analyzing existing material gathered during recent workshops,2. Design indexes and mind maps,3. design a website for multimedia resources,4. Disseminate the gathered information through articles and workshops and lab-days. Impact LEMO.N will bring together people working in various disciplines and research activities. It will enhance the emerging scientific field on movement and computing. It will further expand it, linking it with various fields such as education, pedagogy, health care and wellbeing, as well as  human and social sciences.It will provide a common resource platform for researchers, designers, engineers and students who would need to develop projects on movements, such as gesture-based interactive systems.By focusing on possible differences in cultures and contexts, LEMO.N might affect the appropriation of shared gestural interaction paradigms. A website will document all the workshops, technologies, improvements, contributions and possibilities done in gesture design. Two publications are planned. New research and pedagogical projects will profit from these resources. This growing network will impact both: researchers and students in this new field.


learning, transdisciplinarity, technology, innovation, education

LEMO.N on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFE1Wly_7OM__1EYaaPbD_-DDqTNh2w2l

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