Urban Delta Scapes

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Focused on motion design and specifically on motion capture and its use in sound activation and animation, the collaboration between Stereolux and CINETic is aimed at bringing together French and Romanian experts, artists and researchers in these fields, for exchange of expertise and possible creation of collaborative artistic products.
Occasioned by the Romania-France Cultural Season, our institutions come together to facilitate the mobility of information, expertise and, of course, people from intersectional fields that bring technology and the arts under the same sphere of creative enterprise.
Envisioned as a series of meetings, residencies and workshops, the collaboration will showcase the end-products of the work done within the Season in May 2019, during the Animation Worksheep Special Session that will be organized in Bucharest and hosted at CINETic, as the first institution of its kind focusing its activities, programs and research on the interaction between new technologies and the arts.

The French artist (Anne Dubos, choreographer and anthropologist) and a researcher from IAS Nantes, will give a talk to present the work of the community of international artists and researchers working on gesture and movement they contribute to create.

at CINETIC, 2nd of June 2019
Str Tudor Arghezi 3B, Sect 2, București

‘Urban Delta Scapes’ is a multimedia performance in which the sounds and images from the Văcărești Delta interact with live music, animated visuals and a choreographic act of gestures and movement.

The Delta is for us, an inspiration for a creative collective composed of motion graphic designers, musicians, dancers and researchers. It is also a way of narrating an absolute victory of the nature over the city.